The Strategy

The Area Analysis

Chancery Lane and many of the surrounding buildings have a strong architectural and historic image. A thorough analysis was undertaken of the area in order to further investigate its character and also the feasibility of carrying out all or some of the suggestions put forward by the CLA. The evaluation process included the following:

  • Assessing the historical and heritage value of the location.
  • Looking at the existing land uses and assessing potential land use conflicts.
  • Looking at the traffic flow throughout the primary study area.
  • Examining pedestrian movements and connectivity to the wider area.
  • Making an assessment of the architectural features.
  • Carrying out an analysis of the open spaces, including tree planting, the vistas and the focal points.

Setting the area in its wider context was an important part of this process. The analysis included looking at the existing transport links and future transport proposals; assessing the tourist attractions within the study area and how they related to those further afield and looking at how local businesses or educational establishments affected the street.